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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
General Provisions

1. When you enter your data into the resource of CranesZone website, you declare that you read the following terms and conditions and accept them.

2. By entering your personal information to the CranesZone site you agree to publish them on the Internet. Entering data is voluntary.

3. The user who publishes his data agrees to the collection, recording, storing, preparing, altering, sharing and developing his personal data made available to CranesZone.

4. The persons entitled to use our service are adults.

5. Advertisements may not contain addresses and links to web pages and e-mails.

6. It is prohibited to distribute ads via the service.

7. As a user you agree to receive electronic information concerning the activities and events organized by CranesZone, you can always contact us to remove yourself from the service.

8. You may not reproduce adverts with the same content.

9. It is prohibited to place advertisements in the category that is not appropriate for the content of the advertisement.

Activating ads

1. We distinguish the following types of announcements: STANDARD, FEATURED

2. Ad STANDARD is a free publication, active for 1 month. STANDARD ads are free till 01/01/2012.

3. FEATURED announcements are a paid advertisements, rotated on the homepage, active for 1 month.

4. Payment for placing an announcement is made by the user using the Internet electronic payment system PayPal.


Intellectual Property

1. Any reproduction, including copying, use or other public distribution of the above items requires the consent of the CranesZone owner in writing.

Formal and legal restrictions

1. CranesZone does not participate in transactions between market participants who benefit from our resources. The entire liability arising from the use of the information contained on our web site rests with the user. CranesZone is not a bidder, but only provides information on tenders and tenderers. Content offers contained on CranesZone website informational purposes only, can not be treated as a trade offer.

2. The information contained on CranesZone site may be used only for lawful purposes. The content of notices of illegal and all information necessary to locate the advertiser will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

3. Display, transmission, disclosure and storage of the site content or materials incompatible with international is prohibited. We understand by this patent, including material copyrighted materials obscene, offensive, violating the right to privacy, incitement to racial hatred, ethnic, religious, etc., violent, or not in accordance with generally accepted netiquette. It is also not allowed to advertise or offer the following products:

a. human organs,
b. weapons, drugs and pornographic materials,
c. goods from theft or dangerous goods for health and human life,
d. information on make money online, based on pyramid schemes, etc.
e. goods which do not exist,
f. ads aimed at disturbing others,
g. goods and information, which in any way violate or restrict the rights of third parties,
h. pharmaceutical products, the sale is conducted through pharmacies and requires a doctor’s note,
Transfer of responsibility

1. CranesZone service does not assume any liability for:

a. The content of ads and links to resources included in the terms of the notice,
b. The inclusion of the data by users of false or fraudulent application data,
c. is in how or for what purpose posted ads on the site will be used,
d. The operation of the service and resulting complications from this fact.
2. We reserve the right to:

a. The removal of illegal advertisements or these Regulations,
b. to limit access, removal of temporary or permanent members do not abide by the provisions of the above rules and tenders submitted by them, also through other users,
c. any modification of these Rules without notice in other places, or change the Web address at which it is published,
d. discontinuing services classifieds for any reason.
Using the CranesZone website is tantamount to acceptance of those rules.
Regulations in force since its publication.

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